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raindrops keep falling on my head ☂

tell me: what did thinking ever do for me?

graphic posts and fandom stuff are always public, personal things (english or czech) are locked. new friends are welcome - feel free to add me, just comment here if you want to be added back.

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raindrops keep falling on my head ☂
01 - 14 angel
15 - 28 buffy the vampire slayer
29 - 56 dollhouse
57 - 70 stargate atlantis

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raindrops keep falling on my head ☂
19 May 2009 @ 03:32 pm
how i met your mother 4x24Collapse )
I think that was the best episode since Sandcastles in the Sand :D
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raindrops keep falling on my head ☂
Crazy week (when I wanted to throw myself off a nearest bridge three times a day) gets a happy ending :) I mean, Dollhouse and Castle. Dollhouse AND Castle. DOLLHOUSE AND CASTLE! DOLLHOUSE AND CASTLE!!! SEASON 2! And ABC picked up V with Morena Baccarin and Alan Tudyk! *does the happy dance*

really short, not even spoilery reactions to Castle, Fringe, Bones and Supernatural finalesCollapse )

I've lost four shows in a week :( What am I going to do now? I need a hobby. Or a boyfriend. Or maybe rewatch Angel? O_O

*goes back to a gazillion pages of actuarial mathematics*
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raindrops keep falling on my head ☂
I think I need one of those "Gay for Kahlan!" icons. I've finally caught up on the last ten episodes of Legend of the Seeker (sleeping? studying? soo overrated!) and it left me smiling and craving more. That show is so pretty! Not the best thing ever! but it reminds me of the good old days of Xena and Hercules. Sometimes, I don't need smart and complicated shows. Sometimes, hot people fighting evil while trying not to make out every five minutes are good enough :D

Also, it left me wanting to write some Buffy/Angel. I think it's that whole "we can never be together" thing. Or maybe this picspam :)

(kimberly_slayer? You'd love this show! Bridget and Craig are like new Lucy Griffiths and Jonas Armstrong :))
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